The whole “who we are” thing is so much less important than “the what can we do for you” thing, but at the end of the day, people work with people, so we’d like you to know a little more about us.  Maybe we can get to know a little more about you, too.

Nutlug:  the story behind the name

The story, of course, is banal to many, inspirational to a few, and fact for us. 

My wife, my mother and father, and I were all seated around the dining room table, a few cups into a competitive game of Scrabble.  Calling the game competitive is redundant with us — we keep past scoresheets in the slightly battered box from games more than a dozen years ago, just to prove prowess.

I’ve been known to carefully consider my plays (known by my spouse as me taking “for-EVER”) — and finally the word ‘nutlug’ finds its way from my tile bench to the board.  The score was added, the game went on.  A narrow defeat later, I am charged with putting the game away and clearing the table of beer bottles.  Admiring the spread of the effort (all four corners’ triples used easily), I note ‘nutlug’ again.  It now occurs to me I had meant to play “lugnut,” but the funny thing is all three other ultra-competitive players also believed it was correct.  In truth, it was just another way of looking at it.

That’s where Nutlug comes in — as a different way of looking at marketing.  It may be created with the same ‘letters’ — here, integrated marketing communications — but it’s now flip-flopped:  consumers now tell the marketers what to do, content is created and then channels are decided, smart companies give away knowledge freely and then hope to monetize sometime later, and so forth.

A different way to look at it.


Chief Engagement Officer 

Keith WiegoldKeith Wiegold is an experienced strategist, business development rainmaker, account leader, speaker, educator, author, and poster child for engagement marketing.

A smorgasbord of a background combined of various marketing disciplines had led to what now seems a natural recipe for maximizing customer engagement (as well as allowing for a new twist on the CEO acronym):

 •one (1) part major ad agencies (Leo Burnett and Publicis)

 •one (1) part traditional publishing management (Better Homes and Gardens)

•one and one-half (1 ½) parts CPG marketing agency

•two (2) parts content marketing agencies (Redwood, Haymarket)

•two (2) parts digital and social media companies (Intergam, Area203)

Mix well.  Engage!