Customer Acquisition and Retention through Engagement

  • A strategic framework for Engagement throughout the Customer Journey
  • Identification of stages
  • Marketing objectives per stage
  • Marcomm objectives per stage
  • Channel strategies per stage
  • Measurement metrics per stage
  • Voice and Dialogue flow per stage


C.A.R.E.™, at its core, is a strategic framework or game-plan that aids in migrating a potential customer (prospect, suspect) through a growing relationship with a company/brand.  Pointedly, it looks at each stage of this journey from a customer’s viewpoint, and ensures all marcomm efforts serve to deliver maximum engagement within each stage.

Just as your BRAND changes in the mind of a customer as the brand takes the steps throughout the journey together, so does the Engagement in terms of:

The OBJECTIVES it addresses

The STRATEGIES it leverages

The CHANNELS it utilizes

The VOICE it speaks

The METRICS it measures

In order to do so, each stage is defined by a customer-centric goal and underscored by the brand’s corresponding marketing objectives.  Flowing from this are the marcomm strategies, channel optimization, voice selection, and measurement metrics.

As the audience segment changes, so does C.A.R.E.™.  As the BRAND changes, so does C.A.R.E.™.

This is because C.A.R.E.™  is all about optimizing valuable relationships between BRAND and CUSTOMER.


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