N-Gauge Level™  is a proprietary measurement system and algorithm that aggregates multiple metrics to determine how a brand is performing in its Customer Engagement.

N-Gauge Level™ aids businesses by:

  • Providing a relative gauge of Engagement at a given point in time (a snapshot)
  • Tracking Engagement levels over time
  • Identifying gaps in Engagement results
  • Recommending specific marcomm efforts to boost levels of Engagement
  • Establishing a framework for Engagement throughout the lifespan of the Customer Journey

Unique among measurement offerings around Customer Engagement, N-Gauge Level™ is:

  • Objectives-based  As dozens of variables affect purchase behavior, N-Gauge Level™ does not solely focus on transaction as an objective; rather, it looks at the effects of Engagement on all objectives throughout the Customer Journey, including:  Awareness, Consideration, Interaction, Transaction, Bonding, and Advocacy.
  • Customer-centric  A majority of Engagement metrics to date have focused solely on what a Brand is doing to engage; N-Gauge Level™ looks at the Customer Journey from the customer’s point-of-view — focusing on if the customer demonstrates that s/he is engaged.
  • Measured over time  Periodic tracking of a Brand’s N-Gauge Level™ allows for analysis of specific efforts’ impact on Engagement, testing, and dynamic adjustments to strategies.  Calculated using self-reported and independently measured metrics.
  • Centered on both Attitudinal and Behavioral measures  Other Engagement measurement  processes are based solely on customer behaviors; while this is key, of equal importance is evaluating how a customer thinks and feels — made available by self-reported measurements.  N-Gauge Level™ looks to tap both the emotional state and behavioral state brought upon by Engagement.